About me

Flowers everywhere

Hi, I'm Wendy, owner and paper florist. All my life I loved creating artistic and beautiful things. I discovered sugar flowers 12 years ago but wanted to find a  more versatile media. One that could be displayed and enjoyed without worrying about breakage. I discovered crepe paper flowers can be made to look just as delicate and soft as the real thing. 

Paper flowers!?

 I use only the finest Italian and German crepe papers. Each petal is hand cut, dyed and sculpted into flowers for any occasion. They are hypoallergenic and will not bother people who may be sensitive to fragrance. 

Make your day special

I would love to work with you, so you can have the flowers you always dreamed of for your party or wedding. They can be kept for many years to remind you of that special day. And that is the greatest feeling for me!