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About me


Flowers everywhere

Hi, I'm Wendy, owner and paper florist. All my life I loved creating artistic and beautiful things. And I love sharing my creations with others. There is no better feeling than to help make a persons dreams of a beautiful wedding day come true.  Whether it's a simple bridal bouquet or a lavish centerpiece for the grooms dinner. I will work tirelessly to make sure it's exactly right. 


Paper flowers!?

 I use only the finest Italian and German crepe papers. Each petal is hand cut, dyed and sculpted into flowers for any occasion.  Many of my petal templates  are made from observing natural flowers. I use artist quality paints and inks to mimic the endless patterns mother nature provides.


Paper florist for weddings and special events. Make your day last forever!

With very little care these pieces of art will last forever as a remembrance of that special day. They are fragrance and allergy-free. They also pack well so they are the perfect choice for a destination ceremony. I am booking for 2020 now!